The Symbol®

The pendant, emblem of perfection

“The Symbol” is the Talisman Jewel with a unique and inimitable design, patented by Tom Roger.

A 750‰ / 18 kt. white gold pendant, with a brilliant cut diamond of 0.30 carat with a GIA certification.

Unique and precious

The strength of “The Symbol” lies in its uniqueness.

The choice of the best manufacturing is combined with the first-rate materials to guarantee a class product.

The diamonds embedded in the pendant meet the highest quality requirements and are certified GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD or IGI.

Each brilliant is pure, exceptionally extra colorless, fluorescent-free and with an excellent cut, polishing and symmetry.

Just as you want it

A customizable jewel with the engraving of the wearer’s name and the serial number.

“The Symbol” comes in three different variants and is therefore able to adapt to the style and personality of youth, women and men.

The choker, in fact, can be purchased as a single or triple chain, or made with high quality nautical rope.

“I’ve always been fascinated by numerical sequences and the ancient Sanskrit alphabet.
My talisman is a symbol of strength, perfection and balance and passes into the wearer a sense of confidence and awareness.”

A story to tell

“The Symbol” is the outcome of my experience after more than 40 years of working in the jewelry sector.

I wanted its features to be simple and its meaning to be special.

An equilateral triangle, highest expression of the number 3, combined with a diamond, the most precious stone in the world, capable of increasing the wearer’s energy.